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Free Spirit Eyewear was started with the goal of bringing a fresh look to the eyewear industry which seemed to lose its creativity after decades of existence. 

Free Spirit (noun): a person who is independent and does what they want instead of doing what other people do” - Oxford Dictionary

We decided to focus on the Utility of our glasses. Starting with the lenses, we have designed our glasses to all include transition-style lenses which change to sunglasses once you are exposed to sunlight and its harmful UV rays. Once you are indoors or not exposed to UV rays, the lenses become clear again. If you are someone that spends a good amount of time looking at screens, the clear lenses will provide you with blue light protection. As a result, the strain on your eyes is reduced considerably in various settings throughout the day.

If you are going to be wearing glasses the whole day, comfort is critical. We have therefore used light and durable material for our frames that may make you forget you are wearing glasses.

Despite the large focus on utility, we made sure to not compromise on the look of the glasses. Everybody has different tastes and faces, so we have added the option to choose Frame and Lens Colour of your choice that best suit you.

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